We've taken all the stress out of planning and presenting a retreat for your team. 

Your job is to pick the date, location and arrange whatever food you want. 

We handle the agenda, sessions, presentations, facilitation and materials. 

"The Synergy Retreat was a great opportunity for my team to connect and deepen their relationships with one another. I appreciate the way Dr. Martinez structured the day with various activities designed to support each person and their interests. THIS WAS THE BOOST WE NEEDED!"

Retreat Participant

Retreat Sessions

Synergy Retreats include four sessions that build appreciation and trust among your team.

Session 1: Identity

Identity is knowing who you are, valuing who you are and being true to who you are. 

Session 1 highlights the distinct synergy and personality styles of each person on your team.

For teams with an intercultural focus, this includes building an understanding of deep culture norms. 

Session 2: Honor

Honor helps us value and appreciate the unique personalities, cultures and strengths of one another.

Session 2 cultivates an atmosphere that:

  • values our differences
  • expects the best
  • seeks to understand and 
  • soars above offense

Session 3: Grace

Grace creates space to take risks, make mistakes, explore ideas and grow. 

Session 3 encourages sharing and releasing ideas for the success of the whole team.

Grace also paves the way to celebrate one another's successes without tripping over professional jealousy. 

Session 4: Valor

Valor courageously chooses to exceed the status quo with purpose, vulnerability and perseverance.

Session 4 encourages teams to:

  • pursue excellence in all areas, including our connection with one another
  • dare to dialogue in productive and honoring ways  

"The Synergy Retreat brought forth what synergy actually entails and how to apply it. Our time went fast as the presentation and activities were extremely engaging and enlightening. I will certainly use and apply what I learned and experienced today!"

Andrea, Retreat Participant

"What a great day! The Synergy Retreat was filled with rich and relevant activities that I can use to build common values and understanding. The information was clear and presented in engaging ways. It will help me work more effectively with my teams. AND...the synergy snacks were primo! Thank you!"

Retreat Participant

"Thank you for a day that connected and pushed our team in ways we could not do on our own. Thank you for the time to learn about team skills together and consider where our team is in using those skills. Thank you for the personal reflecting time. Thank you for spoiling us with prizes and snacks that represent our work together."

Joan, Retreat Participant



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