Cultivating A Thriving Classroom Culture of Growth - Online Monthly Infusions


You are the creator of your classroom culture. The impact is huge, but the task can be daunting. Cultivating and sustaining a culture of growth takes focus, intentionality and ongoing infusions. It's easy to lose momentum amidst the pressures of pacing guides, daily schedules and life!

That's why this growth community was created for you!

This year, I'll walk with you month by month (SEPTEMBER 2018 - JUNE 2019). Each month you'll receive the growth infusions needed to "keep going" until a growth perspective becomes the classroom default.

We'll embed research-based beliefs, values and growth perspectives into the fabric of your classroom, without losing the rhythm of your current schedule.

Similar to a language immersion class - our goal is to create a growth immersion experience. Our target is a classroom culture where students are so "growth saturated" they're not only speaking and thinking "growth" but they're dreaming growth! 


How do you benefit from being part of this growth community?

At the beginning of each month, you will...

  • Receive monthly coaching infusions to cultivate and sustain a culture of growth within your classroom and students
  • Gain access to resources and research links for immediate use and deeper exploration
  • Grow with your PLC/grade level team and staff through discussion questions and goal setting options
  • Influence families of your students by utilizing monthly "Home Grown Tips" in newsletters, social media, websites, etc. 
  • Experience the power of peer support through sharing ideas, questions and additional resources within our online growth community
  • Stretch your personal culture of growth as you embed each growth element into the classroom


Sept - A Growth Greenhouse
"We're growing our brains!"
Oct - Growing Together
"We're in this together."
Nov - Choices Change Brains
"I can choose my thoughts."
Dec - Grace and Space
"Mistakes move us forward."
Jan - S-T-R-E-T-C-H
"Try it a different way."
Feb - Dream BIGGER!
"We have unlimited potential"
Mar - Gutsy Goals and Milepost Markers 
"What we do today impacts tomorrow."
Apr - Fueled by Feedback
"How can we make it better?"
May - Press Forward, Bounce Back
"We're unstoppable!"
 June - The Adventure Continues
"Keep growing! There's more to discover!"

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