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Your OCDE Project GLAD® Specialists!

One of the focus trainings Dr. Martinez and our partner consultants provide is OCDE Project GLAD®. (Orange Country Department of Education, Project GLAD - Guided Language Acquisition Design).

​OCDE Project GLAD® is a rigorous professional development model based on a collection of research-based, effective classroom strategies. It provides an integrated approach aimed at supporting language acquisition and proficiency in grade level content standards (Learning Guide, 7).

Dr. Martinez, and the consultants she trains with, are among the most experienced in the state and are highly sought after for strategic planning, initial Tier I training, implementation coaching, and advanced coaching for Agency trainers working toward certification and beyond.


Lacey WA: April 17-18 & 22-25

Open training for K-8 teachers across districts. Presenters: Dr. Sara Martinez, Jody Bader & Kate Lindholm. Clock hours available. Registration closes March 15th!


NCESD (Warden): June 18-19 & 24-28

Hosted by NCESD and featuring NEW Climate Change unit! Presenters: Dr. Sara Martinez, Kate Lindholm & Shanna Brooks. Clock hours & STEM hours available.


Ephrata WA: June 20-21 & July 15-18

Hosted by Ephrata School district featuring updated NGSS unit! Presenters: Dr. Sara Martinez & Kate Lindholm. Spacing limited and at the discretion of host district. Clock hours PLUS 10 STEM hours avail. Contact us to register.


Omak WA: June 13-14 & Aug 19-23

Hosted by Omak School District. Presenters: Dr. Sara Martinez & Jody Bader. Spacing limited and at the discretion of host district. Clock hours avail. Contact us for current availability.


"This was the best training I've taken in my 30 years of teaching! The trainers were fabulous and watching you in action was invaluable! Thank you!"


"This training was an answer to my prayers! I teach at a low income school with 2/3 of my students bilingual. I will start immediately!"

Classroom Teacher

"The trainers were amazing!  Sara worked effortlessly with the students!  Jody kept me on track coaching us through every move!"

District Coach

"By the end of this year, I was ready to quit teaching! My students weren't engaged and I wasn't engaged. After your training, I have decided to return next year and am excited to put these strategies into effect. It's hard to explain the difference this has made for me."

Classroom Teacher

"I think this training should be mandated for all teaching candidates!"

New Teacher

"This is exactly what our district needs!"


"This is the best workshop I have attended! It will help me and my students be successful. Students are engaged and learning through all modalities. No one is left out and everyone is immersed in language."

Classroom Teacher

"This has been one of the most valuable trainings I have attended. It was just the spark I needed to kick my teaching back into gear.  "

Classroom Teacher

"Your coaching, mentoring, support, guidance, thoughtfulness, and positive spirits were absolutely invaluable to us. Thank you so much for all you have done for us in our journey to certification. "

Agency Trainer

"You are so masterful in your teaching, presenting of strategies, and managing of students."

District Coach

"Awesome training! Effective strategies to engage all students in high level thinking."

Instructional Coach

Strategic Planning

We work with you to create an intentional, strategic plan for long term implementation and sustainability.

Initial Tier I Training

The initial training includes a Two Day Research and Theory Workshop and a 4-5 Day Demonstration. 

Implementation Coaching

Student impact is maximized through our follow up coaching and implementation support. 

Training Trainers

Finally, we mentor and help develop your own Agency Trainers for district sustainability and  maximum impact.


Intentionality is critical to receiving the full benefits from OCDE Project GLAD® training. We support you with customized strategic planning to determine the best course of implementation for your unique goals, population and timeline.

Leadership training is highly recommended at the onset to ensure district leaders have a common vision regarding the model, training and implementation process.




Two Day Research & Theory Workshop

The Research and Theory Workshop provides a foundational overview of the theoretical and research base of the model, an introduction to the strategies, connections to 21st century learning and a heightened sense of cultural awareness.

Photo: Jody Bader, Partner Consultant

Classroom Demonstration

During the 4-5 day demonstration, teachers see the strategies in action as an entire unit is presented with students.

One trainer models the strategies with students, while the other trainer coaches teachers in the back of the room. 

Afternoons are spent in collegial planning and preparation to equip teachers for immediate classroom implementation. 

Photo - Amy Sullivan, OKSD


Implementation Coaching

The highest level of executive transfer occurs when there is ongoing support, feedback and coaching within the unique context of each teacher's classroom. This is part of our strategic planning process. 

Photo - OKSD PG Lead Teachers, Amy Sullivan, Patty Caryl

Path to Proficiency

One of our specialized follow up options is a three year "Path to Proficiency". This proven method produces the highest degree of student impact and culture shift within districts. Contact us to inquire about this specialized implementation support plan for your district.

Training Trainers

We encourage districts to integrate Agency trainers as part of their sustainability plan.

One of our great privileges is mentoring these trainers through certification with skills for presenting, coaching and mastery with the strategies. 

Trainer mentoring continues beyond certification with advanced support relating to their role as Agency Trainers. 

Photos - Agency Trainers: Kathryn Anderson, Terry Goveia & Cyndy Valdez, Frances Nielson & Kate Lindholm, Partner Consultant


Dates for OCDE Project GLAD® trainings with Dr. Martinez and her consulting partners go quickly! To ensure you receive the support requested in a timely fashion, please schedule as early in the process as possible.

Click below for more information about the Orange Country Department of Education National Training Center.

Photo - Darcy Jensen, Agency Trainer


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