Cultivating and Sustaining a Culture of Growth

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"This work has significantly affected my approach toward the changes our company is making. I'm choosing to be "ALL IN!""

Strategic Consulting & Growth Training
Department Leader

"Thank you for helping us shift the mindset culture of our organization. We needed this with the challenges we're facing right now."

Culture of Growth Training & Consulting
District Leader

"Your coaching, mentoring, support, guidance, thoughtfulness and positive spirits were absolutely invaluable to us. Thank you so much for all you have done for us in our leadership journey. You are the best!"

Leadership Growth Coaching

"This series made me reevaluate my professional and personal mindset. I am changing my attitude and behavior! All my meetings tomorrow will be talking about what I can change to help my staff be successful. I believe they can ALL be successful!"

Culture of Growth Consulting, Training & Coaching

What is a culture of growth?

A culture of growth is comprised of underlying values and beliefs that promote and elicit growth. It affects how we think, feel, talk, perceive and experience opportunities and challenges around us. Without a culture of growth, the best strategic plans and initiatives fall short of their potential. Investing in a culture of growth impacts EVERY area of work and life!

  • "Touchy" and defensive when discussing areas needing improvement
  • Make excuses for clients who are struggling or students who are underperforming
  • "I can't handle one more new thing." "I'm so tired." 
  • Unwilling to try new things - quickly revert back to status quo
  • Able to have open, honest and vulnerable discussions about data and feedback

  • Solution-oriented perspective toward new processes, staffing changes, challenging students/clients/families...

  • Language infused with high expectations and confidence on behalf of self, colleagues and clients/students 

  • Teams thrive in creative problem solving, taking risks together, midcourse adjustments, & trackable action steps

A Culture of Growth

Choose one option or bundle several together to create a growth experience personalized to your goals!

All Teams Need Growth

Team coaching sessions are designed to apply and extend experienced across the staff/organization into the the unique dynamics of each team. Some teams just need a boost. Other teams are hungry for new skills. ALL teams benefit from an outside perspective....

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