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Sara and Joe Martinez

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Have you ever worked with a team that elicited your best? Collaborating was energizing and motivating. It brought forth the potential within you and greater results though your potential together.  

Perhaps you’ve experienced more of the opposite: teams and individuals who had a knack for eliciting your worst. Where the main goal was avoiding any new explosions and getting away from them as fast as possible without further harm.  

You're not alone! My own life has been significantly influenced by both "opportunities" for growth.

As I stretched, stumbled and grew through these experiences, it fueled a passion to unleash in others what those who elicited my best unleashed in me. 

Potential exists within every person, every team and every organization. The challenge is building the collaboration, communication and cultural skills to discover and develop it within ourselves and one another. 

Strategic Steps was birthed 17 years ago for that very purpose: to unleash the potential and maximize the impact of your life, your work and your team!

The change dynamics involved in this strategic process have guided my research, leadership and professional career as an educator, director, speaker, entrepreneur, consultant and growth coach. 

You are the heroes in our lives!

Strategic Steps exists to walk alongside you, equip your teams, and infuse your organization with the insights and tools needed to operate at increasing levels of potential and impact.

Cheering you on in this pursuit within your own life, family, team and organization ~

Onward and upward,


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Dr. Sara Martinez has a passion to see individuals and teams reach their full potential. Founder of Strategic Steps, Sara provides speaking, training and coaching to unleash potential and maximize the impact of individuals, teams and organizational cultures.  

Dr. Martinez speaks and writes from personal experience and over two decades of educational, nonprofit and for profit leadership. Her illustrations are laced with synergy stretching stories from her life and work across cultures, ages and communities. A TEDx speaker and highly valued growth coach, Sara rejuvenates between engagements with husband, Joe, in the beautiful Pacific northwest.


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