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Hello leaders!

I help you unleash potential within yourself and others for maximized purpose, productivity and impact. 

            ~ Sara 


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"Your coaching, mentoring, support, guidance, thoughtfulness, and positive spirit were absolutely invaluable to us. Thank you so much for all you have done for us in our leadership journey. You are the best!"

Dominique B.
Educational Specialist and Trainer

"The opportunity to train with such a positive professional as Dr. Sara Martinez is priceless. I glean so much from working with a high level experienced trainer who represents experience, expertise and enthusiasm."

Cheryl H.
Organizational Trainer & Coach

"Thank you for helping us shift the mindset culture of our organization. We needed this with the challenges we're facing right now."


"This training has been such an amazing experience for me personally! I learned so much about myself and those around me. I am now much more aware of my working environment and how to work with, talk to, and relate to my coworkers. It taught me what a good working environment can look like and how to be a better teammate myself."

Juanita M.
Team Growth Coaching

"This series made me reevaluate my professional and personal mindset. I am changing my attitude and behavior. All my meetings tomorrow will be talking about what I can change to help my staff be successful. I believe they can ALL be successful!"

Executive Leader

"The work you brought to our organization has already been helpful to the whole organization but also to our team. We are a much more powerful team now and can do the work that needs to be done for our clients. Thank you!"


"OUR TEAM HAS ALREADY NOTICED A POSITIVE CHANGE IN HOW WE INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER! We are able to be much more open and honest in our communication. I feel as if I can “speak up” without being “shot down” or told, “that’s not the way we do it here."

Leadership Team

"The SYNERGY RETREAT was a wonderful opportunity for my team to connect and deepen their relationships with one another. I appreciate the way Dr. Martinez structured the day with various activities designed to nurture each person and their strengths. THIS WAS THE BOOST WE NEEDED!"

Staff Development

Growing Together

Getting you to your goals - with minimized stress and maximized success (and some good ol' fashioned hard work)

Speaking, Training and Leadership Team Retreats

Give your people and organizational culture a boost or strategic shift with a Potential Unleashing Presentation, Workshop and/or Synergy Seminar. 

Synergy Seminars: Teams and staff get on the same page with a united purpose, fresh momentum, and new tools for team communication and collaboration.  


Online Leadership Lift Academy

Experience measurable transformation as you unleash greater potential, purpose, and productivity among those you lead, coach and train. (The next course in Leadership Lift "From Training to Transformation" opens 2020)

Discovery Call

Strategic Consulting and Growth Coaching

Together we take your goals and design a step by step action plan to move from future idea to present day impact. Growth coaching empowers you throughout the process to stay on track, break past glass ceilings, problem solve obstacles, maintain motivation and get it done! (live and online integration)

Schedule a discovery call

A discovery call is simply that - a chance to discover and explore options for growing with Dr. Martinez. If your needs and situation aren't a match we'll gladly let you know. We are here for you!


One strategic action step at a time

Proven track record

With over two decades of guiding leaders, teams and individuals through transformative growth, Dr. Martinez instills confidence and the assurance that "WOW! I really can reach another level of impact in my life, work, and leadership. And here's the strategic pathway to get there!"


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